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Dried Fruit Snack Range

Our range of dried fruits are nutrient-dense, high in fibre and rich in minerals. We pride ourselves on making sure that they taste as delicious and look as natural as the perfectly ripened fruit without any added sugars, preservatives, additives, colorings or flavorings. Enjoy them in your salads or cereals or simply relish them as a snack! They are diet-friendly if eaten in moderation and are a natural source of energy. The entire Blossomz dried fruit range has been granted the UNBS Q-Mark assurance of quality, safety and reliability

Sensual Mango

Known as the 'Queen of all Fruits', mangoes are not only naturally rich in fiber, promoting a healthy digestive system but our dried mango is also guaranteed to provide a unique sensual pleasure in every bite

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Sassy Pineapple

Standing tall with a crown on it's head, there cannot be a more sassy fruit! Our dried pineapples from Uganda are truly the sweetest you'll ever find with a natural high dose of Vitamin C

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Edgy Banana

One of the most popular fruit on the planet, bananas have an edge like no other! Our dried bananas are rich in fiber, antioxidants and many important nutrients

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Snobby Papaya

It's sweet taste, vibrant colors and the wide variety of benefits it provides are all of the reasons why our dried papayas come across as so incredibly snobby! 

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Pompous Jackfruit

Jackfruits are uniquely the largest tree-borne fruit with a distinctive, exotic flavor and are highly nutritious containing some of almost every vitamin and mineral that we need. With this much inherent pomp and splendor, our dried jackfruit are nothing less than exceptional 

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Eostre Healing Teas

Eostre healing teas are developed by a qualified Naturopathic Physician and a Master Herbalist to promote holistic health and wellbeing. The range is available in six variants of Balance, Digest, Bright & Happy, Stay Well, Rejuvenate and Refresh, each developed with a unique blend of 100% natural African herbs and fruits that are well known for it's health properties. All the ingredients are grown, picked and processed under the strictest quality control standards under internationally respected certifications


Brimming with abundant supplies of antioxidants, this tea helps balance sugar, cholestrol and blood pressure levels to promote a sense of well-being

Available Size: 20 tea bags per pack (60 packs per carton)


Specifically formulated to promote healthy digestion and elimination, it also helps with weight loss and can be enjoyed daily

Available Size: 20 tea bags per pack (60 packs per carton)

Bright & Happy

Boosts happy moods, promotes strong memory, concentration and relaxation to live a bright and happy life

Available Size: 20 tea bags per pack (60 packs per carton)

Stay Well

This tea has robust immune boosting properties to promote overall health and wellness and will keep you protected especially during flu season

Available Size: 20 tea bags per pack (60 packs per carton)


This variant has been formulated to help boost energy levels, promote healthy skin and detoxify the body 

Available Size: 20 tea bags per pack (60 packs per carton)


This refreshing blend with a hight Vitamin C content soothes the mind and and protects the body from oxidative stress

Available Size: 20 tea bags per pack (60 packs per carton)

Fresh Produce for Export

Our range of fresh produce include pineapples, mangoes, avocados, passion fruits, bananas, papayas, hot peppers, ginger, sweet potatoes, cassava, sugarcane, jackfruit and everything else the Ugandan soil has to offer. Each of these are hand picked at the precise maturity level to ensure a continuation of the ripening process. Within hours of being harvested, our produce is carefully graded, tested, prepared and packaged so that it arrives just right even after it's journey half way around the world! 

Our packaging is made of food grade material and is built to avoid causing any external or internal damage during transit. Contents of each package is of a uniform quality and are from the same origin and variety. Every package is then labelled to meet export requirements


Produced mainly in the Central, Eastern and Northern regions of Uganda, mangoes are available all year round due to staggered production. Our export variety of mangoes mainly include Apple Mangoes, Tommy Atkins, Zillate, Kate, Kent and Ddoodo

Available Size: ±4 kgs per carton


The Ugandan pineapples are known to be sweet with tempered tartness. Two key export varieties of pineapple are Smooth Cayenne and Queen cultivars which are produced mainly in the Eastern and Central regions of Uganda. Pineapples are generally available all year round due to the alternating peak seasons between the different regions 

Available Size: 6 pieces per carton (±12 kgs)


Our export varieties of avocado are mainly Grafted-Hybrids in round and oval shapes with a green outer skin that turns purple when ripe. These varieties have beautiful golden-yellow to green flesh with a mix of bold & mellow flavours. Avocados are mostly available in the Central region of Uganda with it's peak season from April to June while season of low supply range from September to December

Available Size: ±4 kgs per carton


The bananas for export are of the Cavendish variety mainly from the Eastern and the Central regions of Uganda and are in season all year round. Each cluster of the banana is typically made of twelve to fifteen banana fingers

Available Size: ±14 kgs per carton

Sweet Plantain (Gonja)

As the name suggests, this sweet version of plantain is usually cooked, fried or roasted before it is eaten and grown mainly in the Central, Western and Eastern regions of the country. Gonja as it is locally known is available largely across the year

Available Size: ±14 kgs per carton

Cooking Plantain (Matooke)

A staple food in Uganda, this starchy banana is harvested green and then cooked and often mashed into a meal. Available in abundance across the year and is grown in most parts of the country

Available Size: ±14 kgs per carton

Passion Fruit

Passion fruits are mostly grown in the Central, Eastern and South-Western districts of Uganda. Our passion fruits for export are aromatic and are available in two main varieties of Local (small) and Hybrid (large), ranging from having yellow to orange pulp and with sweet to tart flavors. These types are available all year round except in the wet seasons of March to May and from October to November

Available Size: ±5 kgs per carton


Our most common export varieties of papayas are Yellow Flesh Sunrise and Red Royale. These are mostly grown in the Central region of Uganda with it's peak season ranging from September to December, while low supply season is in May

Available Size: ±6 kgs per carton


Ancestral jackfruit trees are found in everyone's backyard in Uganda. Locally know as Fenne, each fruit can weigh upto 30 kgs, that's a lot of fruit we ship in every box all year around

Available Size: 1 piece per carton (±13 kgs)


Grown mainly in the Eastern part of the country close to the shores of Lake Victoria, sugarcane is one of the largest plantation crops in Uganda. Our export variety includes the chewing cane that is sweet with moist and soft fibers that are typically eaten row

Available Size: ±9 kgs per bundle

Hot Pepper

Ugandan hot peppers are available in Habanero and Scotch Bonnet varieties and are known for its unique, distinctively tropical aroma. Grown in the Central region, they ripen from green when immature to varying shades of yellow, orange & red. They are available all year round and are known to be one of the hottest peppers in the world

Available Size: ±4 kgs per carton


Chillies are widely used as a spice to add heat in many cuisines. They are available all year round in Uganda

Available Size: ±5 kgs per carton


This ancient root gaining popularity recently is used as a spice and in medicines. Ginger is widely grown in Uganda in local (small) and hybrid (large) varieties with availability across most parts of the year

Available Size: ±8 kgs per carton

Sweet Potato

Ugandan sweet potatoes are large, starchy and sweet-tasting. They are commonly grown in the purple and white varieties and are available throughout the year

Available Size: ±10 kgs per carton


This starchy tuberous root is a major source of carbohydrates in the tropics. In Uganda it is cultivated throughout the year in many parts of the country

Available Size: ±10 kgs per carton

Nuts, Seeds, Herbs & Spices

Nuts and seeds are nutritional powerhouses known to be a good source of protein and lately gaining popularity as a healthy snack. Our range of nuts and seeds include cashew nuts, macadamia, peanuts and chia seeds. We have recently expanded our range to include high quality Ugandan vanilla which is meticulously grown on the fertile soils in remote parts of the country and rigorously dried under the tropical sun

Bold Cashews

Packed with energy and a naturally sweet aroma, our crunchy cashew nuts are roasted and salted to perfection for a bold flavor! They are great as a snack and make for an easy addition to many dishes 

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Dashing Macadamia

With its creamy texture and a rich buttery flavor, our macadamias are a dashing combination with chocolate and coffee and are a great substitute for croutons in soups!

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Loveable Peanuts

These cute little nuts are an exceptionally rich source of protein and healthy fats and have a way of keeping you fuller for longer, it is no wonder therefore that they are loved by so many around the world!

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Chia Seeds

We source most of our chia seeds from the Western region of Uganda with two key harvest seasons of July and December, although we generally have them in stock for the greater part of the year 

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Moringa Powder

Moringa, also referred to as the 'miracle tree' for the many functional and nutritional benefits it is known to provide has been used in traditional herbal medicine for centuries. Today, it's an ingredient that is highly sought out by the cosmetic and the food supplement industries. Our high grade moringa powder of Ugandan origin is produced in the central region and is available all year round 

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While plain vanilla ice-cream is a favorite choice for many, the aroma and flavor from a vanilla bean is anything but plain! We offer vanilla in gourmet and extraction grades suitable for commercial and domestic baking and for further processing in food, perfume and essential oil manufacturing

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Plant Based Meat Substitute

Our newest innovation of plant based dried jackfruit fibres are a healthy & completely vegan replacement to meat in any recipe. The jackfruits are hand-selected at a young age from ancestral trees across Uganda, the fibres from these jackfruits have a meat-like texture that easily absorb flavors making it an ideal meat substitute. The dried form makes it environmentally friendly to ship anywhere around the world

Pulled Jackfruit (Dried)

Our innovative dried, pulled jackfruit meat has an 18 months of shelf-life and can be used instead of meat in any recipe. Rehydration is easy and yields 8 kgs of jackfruit meat from 1 kg of dried product

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Breakfast Bars

Introducing Blossomz Revive Breakfast Bars: made from 100% natural breakfast ingredients, including wholesome cereals, succulent tropical fruits, premium nuts and pure honey with more than 50% uniquely sourced from refugee communities in Uganda.

Every bite not only rises to the occasion of the most important meal of the day as it restores essential nutrients for the body and mind, it also cements solidarity with the refugee communities in regaining their economic independence.

Cashew & Chia

Indulge in the perfect symphony of flavors, where the sweet and tangy taste of pineapples dance with the crispiness of the maize flakes. A medley of cashews, peanuts, chia and pumpkin seeds provide a satisfying texture and an abundance of nuttiness. The natural sweetness of honey gives it a touch of richness, creating a breakfast bar that is sure to nourish and energise you for the day while leaving your taste buds yearning for that irresistible second bite

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Macadamia & Moringa

Start your mornings with a harmony of flavors and textures. The tropical mangoes infuse a vibrant and juicy sweetness which is beautifully complemented by the rich and buttery macadamia nuts. The cereal adds a satisfying crunch, while the moringa enhances the nutritional value of the bar. The entire experience is elevated by the inclusion of honey that seamlessly weaves all the ingredients together into a delicious and invigorating breakfast bar that's designed to awaken your mind and body

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