Organic Farmers

When you purchase our products, you support Ugandan farming communities across the country. We currently work with over 300 smallholder farmers whose produce we can trace all the way to our products on supermarket shelves and on consumer dinner tables. We also track farmer payments through electronic tools to monitor our internal fair pricing policy and to meet customer requirements.

We hereby introduce our organic farmers, while we are not organic certified (yet), our sustainability values require that we increase the purchase of organic ingredients for the production of our products

Robert's Ancestral Land

Robert Kayanja grows organic pineapple, banana, papaya, avocado and mango on his ancestral land. His own plot is 3.5 acres but the family land that he shares with his siblings runs into tens of acres

Herbert's Leased Farm

In addition to his own two acres of land where he practices organic farming to grow avocado, cinnamon, banana, jackfruit and mango; Herbert also leases additional land to grow organic pineapples and papayas

True Vine's Inbred Passion for Organic

Josephine, the owner is motivated by her personal desire to eat healthy. Her organic farm is her personal contribution towards an unadulterated food chain

Kulikayo Farm's Premium Organic Crops

Andy who is the owner of Kulikayo Farm specialises in high quality organic cash crops including coffee, cocoa and vanilla, intercropped with a range of tropical fruits

Journalist-Turned-Organic Farmer

It's hard to find a more passionate organic farmer than Andrew, he left his high profile career in journalism to pursue his love for agriculture. The main crops in production at his farm are organic jackfruit, mango, banana, avocados and herbs

Kintu's Drive for Women Empowerment

Kintu relies exclusively on women to help him work his farm with a genuine belief that productivity is much higher when working with a female labor force

Jackson's Spiceland

Jackson's farm is a dream come true for spice lover's, he produces organic cinnamon, prunus africana and other herbs and spices together with mango, jackfruit, papaya, banana and avocado

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