Dried Fruit Snack Range

Our range of dried fruits are nutrient-dense, high in fibre and rich in minerals. We pride ourselves on making sure that they taste as delicious and look as natural as the perfectly ripened fruit without any added sugars, preservatives, additives, colorings or flavorings. Enjoy them in your salads or cereals or simply relish them as a snack! They are diet-friendly if eaten in moderation and are a natural source of energy. The entire Blossomz dried fruit range has been granted the UNBS Q-Mark assurance of quality, safety and reliability

Sensual Mango

Known as the 'Queen of all Fruits', mangoes are not only naturally rich in fiber, promoting a healthy digestive system but our dried mango is also guaranteed to provide a unique sensual pleasure in every bite

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Sassy Pineapple

Standing tall with a crown on it's head, there cannot be a more sassy fruit! Our dried pineapples from Uganda are truly the sweetest you'll ever find with a natural high dose of Vitamin C

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Edgy Banana

One of the most popular fruit on the planet, bananas have an edge like no other! Our dried bananas are rich in fiber, antioxidants and many important nutrients

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Snobby Papaya

It's sweet taste, vibrant colors and the wide variety of benefits it provides are all of the reasons why our dried papayas come across as so incredibly snobby! 

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Pompous Jackfruit

Jackfruits are uniquely the largest tree-borne fruit with a distinctive, exotic flavor and are highly nutritious containing some of almost every vitamin and mineral that we need. With this much inherent pomp and splendor, our dried jackfruit are nothing less than exceptional 

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