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ZFI Exhibits at the Uganda-South Africa Summit

5th September, 2023

Zahra Food Industries Ltd has its eye on intra-African trade and its for a good reason. 1 billion consumers and a cumulative GDP of over $3 trillion, Africa is a formidable trading bloc but she significantly lags behind in inter-continental trade. ZFI is actively pursing business opportunities within the continent

Project Check-in on World Refugee Day

20th June, 2023

On the auspices of World Refugee Day, the team at JICA Uganda visited Zahra Food Industries Ltd for a status review on the Travel Beyond Bars project. The project is aimed at improving the livelihoods of refugees and their host communities. The JICA Ugandan team had the first tasting of the cereal bars developed by the company

Uganda's Trade Reps Visit ZFI

2nd April, 2023

Uganda's Trade Representatives appointed by H. E. The President of Uganda took a tour of Zahra Food Industries Ltd's facility in Namanve and left enthusiastic about the potential for market linkages between the company's innovative products and their respective markets

Blossomz Snacks Are Onboard Uganda Airlines

24th March, 2023

Zahra Food Industries Ltd wins the bid to supply snacks on Ugandan Airlines, the national carrier of Uganda. The high quality Blossomz range of snacks are part of the warm Ugandan welcome for passengers onboard

ZFI Commits to Refugee Upliftment

2nd March, 2023

Zahra Food Industries Ltd has partnered with JICA Uganda for the Travel Beyond Bars project that has the objectives of improving livelihoods of refugees and to create awareness of their issues globally through the development and commercialisation of cereal bars made with ingredients sourced from them and their host communities. The signing of the contract today is the beginning of the journey to identify ingredients that can be sourced from the refugee communities to incorporate into a cereal bar. If successful, this project will be one of a kind to validate that private sector intervention can in fact lead to sustainable improvements in the livelihoods of the refugee communities

ZFI is Now Organic Certified

5th December, 2022

Zahra Food Industries Ltd's long standing dream of becoming organic certified is finally a reality making the company one of the only one in Uganda with the twin certifications of ISO food safety and organic. The company was audited by Ecocert and has been certified for both the USDA and EU organic regulations

Dutch Ambassador Visits ZFI

16th May, 2022

H. E. Karin Boven, Ambassador of the Netherlands to Uganda visits Zahra Food Industries Ltd together with a delegation from the Hague and NUTIP (Netherlands Uganda Trade & Investment Platform) to review progress on the processing of young jackfruit that is scheduled to soon ship to the Netherlands. The delegation had an opportunity to try vegan snacks made from the jackfruit

ZFI Enters into a Strategic Alliance

12th May, 2022

Zahra Food Industries Ltd and Jakana Foods Ltd being two of the leading agro-processors in Uganda have joined hands with Mikono Trade Ltd that has strong market linkages in Europe to create a joint venture that combines their shared sense of purpose, resources, expertise and leadership with the aim at tapping into the jackfruit value chain. The joint venture with the name Eco Plant Processing Hub of Uganda will leverage the strengths of each partner to unlock opportunities, promote intercontinental trade, provide innovative plant-based products while creating impact within the communities they operate in

53 Trees Planted on Earth Day

22nd April, 2022

Zahra Food Industries Ltd announced the planting of 53 trees on Earth Day in exchange of consumers' participation to a claims survey done recently. The plantings were done in partnership with @mustafa_is_planting_trees who is a young kid but with an over-sized passion for planting trees

ZFI Publishes Impact Report

25th January, 2022

Zahra Food Industries Ltd today published their 2021 Impact Report to highlight their accomplishments. The Director was noted to say that, 'we constantly reimagine what a healthier, more sustainable, more equitable world could look like and strive to play our part so that our ambition for growth is never at the expense of planetary health'

Blossomz Showcased at Dubai Expo

1st October, 2021

Blossomz range of dried fruits made from 100% fruit with no added sugars are showcasing at the World Expo in Dubai. The Director at Zahra Food Industries Ltd thanked the Uganda Export Promotion Board for their support

ZFI Goes to Tea Show in Vegas

14th June, 2021

Zahra Food Industries Ltd announces participation at the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas (USA) later this month with support from the Trade & Investment Hub at USAID. In addition to exhibiting their Eostre healing teas, they will also be showcasing other companion products for tea occasions. The Director noted, 'the versatility of tea as a beverage is like no other as they come in infinite flavors, arouses multiple senses and typically offers many health benefits. With the right focus, there is an opportunity to increase consumption of herbal infusions and teas especially in the Northern and Western hemispheres'

World Food Day Celebration

16th October, 2020

We are humbled to be back at the Kampala Kids Club to celebrate the World Food Day, albeit to a different social distancing reality. There truly is no greater joy than feeding the hungry, especially when it comes to feeding little unprivileged kids. Our sincere thanks goes out to Apar Foundation for having given us this wonderful opportunity

ZFI Achieves Highest Food Safety Certification

2nd January, 2020

Zahra Food Industries Ltd starts the new decade with ISO Food Safety Management System (FSMS 22000:2018) certification, making them one of the only ones in Uganda to be certified. This is a proud moment for the company and the nation at large and provides full confidence to it's customers on the quality and safety of the processes and the products at ZFI

Blossomz Acquires UNBS Q-Mark Certification

28th November, 2019

The Blossomz dried fruit range is the ONLY natural dried fruit brand with no additives to have been granted the UNBS Q-Mark assurance of quality, safety and reliability demonstrating conformity of the products to all relevant standards. All five fruit variants have been granted the certification 

Successful Conclusion of ISO FSMS Stage-2 Audit

27th September, 2019

Zahra Food Industries Ltd, having successfully made through the stage-2 audit for ISO Food Safety Management System, is now only a few weeks away to certification! The company fully implements a Food Safety Management System to ensure delivery of the highest quality and safest products that their customers expect at all times

Fresh Food-Safety & HACCP Trainings for All

30th August, 2019

In line with Zahra Food Industries' commitment to keep food safe along the value chain, all Supervisors and Food Handlers received fresh Food-Safety & HACCP trainings today. The company wishes to congratulate the team on this accomplishment and thanks them for their continued dedication to quality and food safety

Successful Completion of Stage-1 ISO FSMS Audit

1st August, 2019

Quality and food safety is a top priority at Zahra Food Industries Ltd, every area of their facility and every step of their process is designed and monitored to ensure delivery of the highest quality and safest products. The company applies a Food Safety Management System and have just successfully concluded the stage-1 audit for ISO FSMS 22000:2018, putting them firmly on their path to becoming certified!

Turkish Ambassador Visits Namanve Businesses

3rd July, 2019

H. E. Karem Alp, the Turkish Ambassador to Uganda visited Zahra Food Industries Ltd together with Level Energy and a few other businesses at the Namanve Industrial Park to promote economic ties between the two countries. Turkey is a large consumer of tropical dried fruits and the embassy is committed to match-making businesses from Uganda to potential buyers in Turkey

Friendly Visit by UEPB

3rd April, 2019

Representatives from the Uganda Export Promotion Board (UEPB), who are charged with the mandate of facilitating and promoting Ugandan exports paid a friendly visit to Zahra Food Industries Ltd. The UEPB team were complementary of the processing facility and alluded that the country needed facilities like this to elevate Ugandan fruit and vegetable exports. The two organisations held discussions on ways to collaborate to help open up export markets for Zahra Food Industries Ltd


12th February, 2019

Zahra Food Industries Ltd is pleased to announce the successful completion of the inspection and audit by the Ugandan Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry & Fisheries (MAAIF). This provides a strong sense of confidence to our customers on our company's preparedness on phytosanitary compliance

Medical Examinations & Health Talk for Staff

3rd February, 2019

We at Zahra Food Industries Ltd uphold the principle that food safety starts with our people. In living with this principle, all members of our organisation, including food handlers, cleaners, supervisors and management underwent a mandatory medical examination and as a precautionary measure everyone also received Hepatitis B vaccinations. The medical screenings were conducted by AAR on our premises. An AAR Food Nutritionist also gave a talk on the significance of a balanced diet for healthier living and the importance of personal hygiene on food safety

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